Beta Chapter     

In the true Pi Lambda Chi spirit of being welcoming and loving, the Madres and the Active Sisters of the Alpha Chapter began the expansion of their second chapter, the Beta Chapter, at the Auraria Campus in the heart of Denver, Colorado. 

The Madres' vision to open the doors to all women became a reality in Fall 1997 when seven women from the University of Colorado at Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver began the journey of becoming a Golden Chi. The group wanted to establish the sorority on their campus to create a family and add to the multicultural Greek community already established on campus.

On November 10th, 1997, the seven women- Jolien Duran, Valeria Gutierrez, Jayme Maestas, Tanika Martinez, Felicia Montoya, Jenise Trujillo, and Gina Ramirez- crossed into the Pi Lambda Chi sisterhood. As Founders of the second chapter, these women became known as "Comadres," not to be confused with "Madres" of the sorority.

The Beta Chapter's first intake class began in Fall 1998: two lovely ladies, Celena Garcia and Serenity Valdez. 

Meet Our Neos! 

Psi Line - Fall 2018!


(Bottom, left to right) 

#1 Berenice Soto,

      Lambda Centehua Anacaona 

#2 Gladys Aispuro

      Lambda Axiuhtli 

#3 Jennifer Banuelos, 

      Lambda Yaretzi Zyanya 

#4 Lessly Chavez,

      Lambda Yoli Temictli 

#5 Sofia Garcia

      Lambda Teotl Xiuhtonal

#6 Marilu Gonzalez

Lambda Tepin Xóchiyotl

#7 Michelle Madera,

      Lambda Yaocihuatl Ameyatzin

(Top, left to right) 

#8 Jaqueline Marquez

      Lambda Izel Tlachinolli

#9 Katie Miranda, 

      Lambda Ixcoztic

#10 Anahi Montano,

      Lambda Cualtzin Teyaotlani

#11 Nayeli Olivas

      Lambda Zeltzin Pāpālōtl

#12 Alejandra Rivera

Lambda Atletl

#13 Lily Rodriguez

      Lambda Tonaltzintli

#14 Almalexis Zepeda

Lambda Tlazohtzin

Dean of Intake 

Daniela Gomezcastro

Lambda Tochtlitzel

Assistant Dean of Intake 

Ariana Delgadillo,

Lambda Zipactonal

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